ATTENTION: Tuition Assistance Applicants, it is required that you read through these policies and procedures in full before submitting an application.

River’s Edge Christian Academy has a Tuition Assistance Program, which provides tuition assistance towards families who qualify.  The school uses a third-party organization, FAST, to evaluate a family’s financial need.  This organization makes a recommendation to the school regarding the amount of tuition assistance to award.   The maximum amount of tuition assistance a family may qualify for is 50%.  The availability of this program for new families is dependent upon there being open available space in the class(es) for which the family is applying for admission as of July 15th. If a new family applies for tuition assistance, then they are placed on a waiting list until July 15th. Full-paying students have precedence over new students receiving tuition assistance. Students in K4 are not eligible for tuition assistance.

River’s Edge Christian Academy does not receive any outside funds towards tuition assistance. Therefore, any tuition assistance the school distributes to families is supported by the tuition paid by other families in the school. Therefore, we will ask any family who receives tuition assistance to contribute back to the school above & beyond their normal requirements of monthly rotation and committee assignment to serve the school in additional capacities. This could mean that you are asked to work a rotation assignment once/week instead of once/month or contribute back to the school in some other way. We love to capitalize on your special skills when possible, but the school’s greatest needs will determine how you will be asked to serve. Our intention is to provide tuition assistance when it is a serious need and when there is no way that a family will be able to afford to pay the tuition without the assistance. Each family will need to evaluate their own situation and determine how serious the need is since families receiving tuition assistance are required to make these additional sacrifices to the school.

Families who are granted tuition assistance are not automatically granted tuition assistance for following school years. Families who have need of a continuance of tuition assistance for a new school year must renew their request for continuation of tuition assistance each year in order to be re-considered. Re-application through FAST is required every other year (and any new year in which the family’s circumstances have significantly changed).

Any family interested in applying for tuition assistance will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Notification (New and Returning Families) Notify the school administration of your interest in receiving tuition assistance. In order to do this, please email the Finance Manager at before proceeding with the next steps. Please indicate your desire to apply for tuition assistance, the names and grade levels of the students you are applying for, the campus(es) for which you are applying, and your contact information.
  2. New Student Application (New Families Only) In order to establish your student’s space on the waiting list for tuition assistance, we request that you proceed with completing the on-line application questions in full; however, we ask that if you are applying for tuition assistance, please do NOT submit the application and pay the registration fee until you are advised that your family is being offered an available space in a class with a tuition assistance grant. If you submit an application before being instructed to do so, please be aware that the registration fees you pay will be non-refundable when you submit them.
  3. FAST Financial Assessment (New and Returning Families every other year) Complete the online FAST application once you have read through all tuition assistance policies & procedures on this page.  This provides the school with an assessment of a family’s financial need and determines what amount of tuition assistance the family will qualify for. The deadline for current families to apply is 4/30.  When you come to the END of the online application, you will be asked to pay the FAST application fee of $39, right before submitting the application. The $39 fee is paid to the third-party organization for processing your application and is non-refundable. You must follow-up by sending all required tax documentation to FAST in order for your application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be given consideration.

IMPORTANT! Please note that if a new family applies for tuition assistance, their student(s) will NOT have a guaranteed space in their respective classes. Other student applications will have priority for space in the class until July 15th. Students receiving tuition assistance will be placed on a waiting list for class and may be offered a space in a class only if there is available space as of July 15th.