March 9, 2016

Our School Board


The Board is the policy generating body of River’s Edge Christian Academy, with the Administrator having responsibility for the implementation of the Board’s policies. The establishment of long range policies is the most important single function of the Board. By the establishment of such policies in written form, the Administrator and other employees of the school may proceed with the assurance that they are administering in accordance with the wishes of the Board. Specific purposes of the Board include the following:

  • Be spiritual leaders in the school, to seek God’s will and direction for the school, and to take responsibility for preservation of the Christian heritage of the school.
  • Make and amend policies as necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of the school.
  • Hire qualified administrators, faculty, and staff for the school and hold accountable to affect the policies of the school.
  • Approve the salary schedule for the administration, faculty, and staff.
  • Approve the annual budget as presented by the Administrator.
  • Monitor income and expenditures against the budget, and take corrective action if needed.
  • Maintain open communications with the faculty, parents, alumni, and friends.
  • Maintain proper relationship with government authorities.
  • Do advance planning for the school’s growth.
  • Have a vision for the future of the school.

2016-2017 Board Members

  • Brian Shugart, chairman
  • Paul Sadler, secretary
  • Cindy Atkinson
  • Brent Blake
  • Michael Church
  • Kelly Whitehead